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Here goes nothing!

Well this is scary, but I’m just going to be brave and jump right in with Hi, Hello and welcome to my blog! 😅

I have wanted to be someone who makes children’s clothes for a living ( 👈🏻 that last phrase is a bit of a joke!) for the best part of 30 years.

And yet I have only been doing it for 2.

Why? You may well ask!

When my youngest child was in Primary School, leggings we’re definitely a ‘thing’, so, using some she already had as a pattern, I made some - and they were OK! So then I made some more and some for a friends daughter and so on. You get the picture.

Of course I had no overlocker at that time, just a Singer workhorse with a zig zag stitch. I didn’t have fancy patterned fabric, only plain colours, and obviously I had no Internet or Social Media either- the way to advertise at that time was by placing an ad in the local paper!

But another thing, which was probably the most important thing that I didn’t have, was any support. In fact whatever the opposite of having support is, I had that.

So, anyway, long story short, life trundled on, full of noise and mess, kids and work, divorce and house moves, but I was always sewing and knitting and crafting!

Then, when my son bought me my first overlocker, I was on my way!

Overlockers can be tricky customers but with practice came confidence. I was still using woven fabric, making cushions and aprons, bunting and yes, children’s clothing, but then - I taught myself how to properly sew with stretch fabrics and in 2019 I started making leggings again!

Since then I have accumulated a stack of different patterns, adapted them and created some of my own.

I have discovered some fantastic surface pattern designers, worked out where‘s best to buy fabric from and most recently of all, how to get exclusive fabric designs printed!

Its all a long way from a young mums thwarted ambitions!

I’m going to finish this little trip down memory lane with one overwhelming thought and that is how important having support is. To have a ‘team‘. To know that, whatever happens, someone has got your back. Having plans and ideas and dreams is fantastic, I hope we all have those, but to even start to bring them to life is so, so much nicer when you’re not alone.

Believe me, I know.

Much love, Vivien xx

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